Prices Creek Store

Located amidst the rich farmlands and great outdoors of Yancey County near Burnsville, North Carolina, our country store meets the needs of many. The outdoorsman comes in for outdoor wear, guns, ammunition, boots, as well as hunting and fishing licenses and anything related to these sports.  Local farmers stop in for local news, as well as for feed, fertilizer and hardware.  Ladies also purchase outdoor wear and boots here, as well as jeans, western wear and clothing for all occasions.  And for those who just need to stop by to fill up the car and pick up a gallon of milk, we’ve got that covered, too.  As you’ve probably guessed, we stay pretty busy around here.

Prices Creek General Store is owned and operated by Yancey County native Max Ballew.  He grew up in the store business, helping his dad in a small rural grocery store when he was eleven years old.  Max has been in business since 1971, as he started out selling groceries and gas from his own store.  He opened Prices Creek in 1980, gradually building up a small grocery store to the highly successful general store that it is today. Now, with his wife Freida, their five children, and eleven grandchildren over 30 years later, Max sells everything from clothing to feed.  On any given day you’ll find him at the store, ordering merchandise and answering customer’s questions.  His spare time is spent on the golf course and with his ever-growing family.

At Prices Creek General Store you won’t find high department store prices.  That’s because there are no frills.  Our store doesn’t spend money on lots of advertising and we certainly haven’t fancied up the building.  That way, we can offer you the highest quality merchandise at the lowest prices.  Come by and compare.  Our store hours are listed on our Contact Information Page.